• A weight of
    guilt lifted

    “ I slept better that night.
    I may have even smiled
    the next day. ” - Scott Gowans

  • A medical

    A prison medical
    assistant learns empathy
    by fighting an infectious outbreak.

  • “ I am not
    a criminal ”

    Imprisoned at 16,
    now an engineer, community
    leader and a committed father

  • Making weak
    things strong

    After a youth filled with
    anxiety & self-medication,
    Ann found peace in her
    faith & family.

  • Singapore
    leads the way

    How Singapore changed
    employer & public thinking
    on ex-offenders.

  • Taxpayers
    take the hit

    Our overfilled prisons will
    break the bank if we don't
    get better at changing lives.

USING COMPELLING STORIES of recovery, we persuade voters, neighbors, co-workers, employers and legislators to offer second chances to those who have turned their lives around but need help reentering society after encounters with the law.