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Employer Fair Hiring Pledge

1. Not everyone with a criminal record is a good fit for every job. There will be times when a given record of serious offenses may render a person unfit for certain types of work;

2. As employers, we must make judgments based on the whole person, including their record, their personal presentation and recommendations. We reserve the right to make such decisions, taking past records into account when appropriate;

3. We also recognize that people can and do change and that this is much more easier when a supportive community gives opportunities to those on their way back;

4. Therefore, we are willing to hire ex-offenders who come with strong recommendations, are a good fit for the job and present themselves well in interviews; and

5. We will not automatically reject ex-offender applicants without ascertaining something about their current state of recovery and job-readiness; and

6. When considering applications from ex-offenders we will look for reasons to say yes, rather than excuses to say no.


Click on the button to sign up and check the employer pledge box in the checkboxes. We’ll get in touch with you to verify details. All employer pledge commitments will be confidential until at least 50 area employers are signed on.


EMPLOYERS ARE OFTEN struck by how hard ex-offenders work. “They seem to be making up for lost time,” said one employer, who noted that they often fill leadership roles in his warehouse.

NOT EVERY EX-OFFENDER is right for every job. Some are not ready for the workforce at all. But watch a few of our profiles and see if you don’t agree that making blanket judgments is both inhumane and bad business.

The employer piece of the project is still under development.