Employment Trust Market


General questions

No. The Employment Trust Market is a trust broker, connecting employers who want to help with people of stature in the community who know a job candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. The ETM does aim to seed an ecosystem of employers, volunteers, and nonprofits committed to mentoring and support. But Youturn.org does not operate a mentoring program or vet candidates.

The preferred route is to find at least one primary reviewer, who then submits or adopts your profile. Reviewers can be ecclesiastical leaders, employers, teachers, neighbors, or family friends—anyone with standing in the community who knows the candidate. A reviewer could also be a nonprofit organization that serves or vets candidates.

A prospective reviewer submits an online application. This includes a brief personal statement, a CV, and at least three references. Confirmed references from already established reviewers automatically become secondary reviewers for the new primary reviewer.

No. But having secondaries will strengthen the primary reviewer’s impact. This is most critical when the primary has a low key community or career profile.

Employers fill out a simple online form that asks for some basic information about the company, its size and sector, and the kinds of jobs they are looking to fill. A Youturn.org volunteer will call or email the company to confirm. Employers will also be encouraged to sign the Employer Fair Hiring Pledge, but that is not required.