The Plan: A culture of smart second chances

YOUTURN.ORG is an advocacy and employer awareness campaign that improves the lives of former offenders and their families and saves taxpayer dollars by building a culture of smart second chances and fair chance hiring. A smart second chances culture will recognize that, while many offenders will not change and some are dangerous, many former offenders have changed, others are changing, and it is in our interest to help those who are changing and have changed.

THE UNITED STATES incarcerates far more people percentage wise than any other country. (Learn more.) Almost all of these people will be coming back, and it is both cheaper and more humane to help those who can be helped to become functioning citizens. We know many of these people will not make it. (Learn more.) But we aim to flip the paradigm by making smart second chances an American virtue. (Learn more.)

TO OPEN EMPLOYMENT PATHWAYS and break down social barriers, we are building a digital platform for an Employment & Housing Trust Market connecting employers and landlords to eligible past offenders. Learn more here.

AFTER BUILDING THE EHTM we will pave the way for widespread adoption of the EHTM and reentry success generally by (a) sharing high-impact success and change narratives, (b) working on the ground and with civic leaders to spread the message, and (c) using high visibility public events to focus attention on those program.

A NOTE ON PUBLIC SAFETY: puts public safety at the forefront. Our key concept is smart second chances. We do not expect society, employers or individuals to take undue risks. Everyone will have different comfort levels. We do believe that, approached properly, smart second chances makes everyone safer.

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