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An open letter on second chances from four neighbors who needed them:

Dear Neighbor,

We know how hard it is to change. After attending high school in Springville, Lindon, Tooele and Ogden, we spent long and painful years in our communities struggling with addiction while engaging in various degrees of related criminal behavior.

But we have changed. Each of us has since put the criminal justice system behind and become a contributing citizen rather than a social burden. We know how crucial supportive friends and neighbors were in our recovery, as it is for all who rebuild their lives. And we also know how social stigma and employment barriers can make change harder than it ought to be.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the Apollo 13 Project, online at Youturn.org, a nonprofit with a mission to “help former offenders and their families turn their lives around by persuading communities and employers to offer second chances.”

We have each told our own recovery story here. We encourage you to learn more about where we’ve been, how we became the people we are today, and how you can help others like us turn their lives around.

Please explore this website, sign the consensus statement on second chances, share our stories with your friends, and see what else you can do to help. Lives depend on it.

Thank you,

Ben Aldana, Tina Cabral, Ariann Cook & Scott Gowans

What you can do



Sign the Consensus Statement, and then get a friend to sign.

Civic and business leaders and other prominent people who have signed.

See how your community compared to others on signatures.

See which of your neighbors are supporting Smart Second Chances.

Get a sign or a window cling for your home, car or business.

Place a sign, lobby your employer, or help out with an event.